Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My toothbrush fell in the toilet.

I opened the cabinet and it tumbled out, hit the counter and flew into the toilet. They are about three feet away from each other, and yet it still happened. And while it was happening I was thinking to myself, "Are you serious toothbrush? You are going all the way over there.... For reals?!?!?!?!? Fine, do whatever you want, you stupid toothbrush." And I'm very bitter about the whole situation.

On a happier note I'M DONE WITH CLASSES!!!!!!!!!! Which is VERY exciting!
And to celebrate I went and got free donuts and then went to a dance party with these lovely ladies....

And then I came home and went to the Tingey Hall Sleepover EXTRAVAGANZA! We had pizza and ice cream and then Dani and I decided we needed to start another dance party.... which was GREAT! All in all an extremely exciting way to celebrate the end of classes.

Sidenote: Brittany did her hair and she looks GORGEOUS!

Double Sidenote: I'm going to Disneyland in 16 days and I keep having dreams about it and it's really all I can think about and I spent about two hours today coloring in my Disney Princess coloring book because I needed to do something Disney related.......

Triple Sidenote: This song has been stuck in my head all day.... Shoot me

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  1. ahhh! brittany's hair, love love love!

    also, congrats on finishing (classes)!