Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hooray! (for reals)

My mission call came! And I have been called to serve in the California Riverside mission! I leave June 5th and I am speaking English!!!!! I am so excited!

After I knew that my call was here I kind of started freaking out. I just started thinking about how there are so many things that are hard about a mission, and what if I went somewhere that made it even harder? Somewhere far away, somewhere new, somewhere where I don't know the language, the culture, the people..... I got scared. But after reading I was going to California (where I was born and raised)... I felt so comforted. It was like Heavenly Father was letting me know that He knows me and knows what I can handle and that I'll be able to serve my mission, even though it will be hard.

I am so excited to serve a mission and I know that Riverside is where I am meant to serve. I can't wait for June!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hooray! (not)

As anyone who actually reads this blog probably knows I've put my mission papers in!

And I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my assignment! (alliteration is always amusing)

Today was the earliest day that I could have gotten my call and at the end of my classes today I saw I had a text from my mom that said: "call today! You were right!"

My response was something like...
Uh-huh, oh yeah!
It's at my house!
I have to go RIGHT NOW! (at which point I literally ran down the hallway of the McKay Building)

             then I noticed that there was another text from my mother... the first part of a two part text which added together actually said: 
"Oh, no call today! You were right!"

So that happened. And it was horrible.

But then it was kind of funny...



And then it was really funny...


So no call. But to make this even more stressful/unreal/why is this happening to me? I ran into my Bishop and his wife and she said since it was a holiday on Monday it will come a day late a.k.a tomorrow....

So maybe I'll have more news tomorrow.

P.S. I'm slightly obsessed with GIFs (if you couldn't tell)