Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday I had no class, no assignments due, nowhere to go, but plenty of things to do....

.... and I got nothing done! I was such a lazy loser!

But it was actually a really good day. I laid in the sunshine, I exercised (I know right?!?!?!?!?), and I laughed a lot.

And that's kind of productive... right?

PS: Here are some of things that I've laughed at recently

LaChelle and I have been joking all semester, pretending to be holding a knife and whispering, "soon...."
And then I found this!
I sent this to LaChelle...
...she retaliated with this.
Basically we are awesome

Also have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? 
They are literally figuratively consuming my life. (but seriously you should see my internet browser history)
They are compelling and illuminating and I am obsessed and I want someone to talk to them about!

And read this blog! It is hilarious!

Friday, March 8, 2013

March 7th

Well technically yesterday was, but whatever....

I woke up to this...
...which honestly scared the crap out of me, but was also super sweet. Each balloon had nice/funny things written on them by my lovely roommates who are beautiful, supermodel gems.

I also found a plethora of pleasantries taped to my front door...
...gifted by my previous roommates (and their significant others).

Rachel brought me the nicest gift (candy, soda, puzzle, etc.), which was so thoughtful. Plus it's always a bonus to see her beautiful portrait-worthy face.
She's the greatest.

Also Brittany and Carolyn brought me a six-pack of Dr. Pepper, so I'm set until next week.
Seriously though, why is it so tasty?

Then my family brought me pizza for dinner and hung out with me for a bit....
...and then I did a puzzle and went to bed.

I know, kind of boring but...

I used to really love my birthday, but the more of them that go by the less I feel like really going all out and celebrating.
So I just wanted a low-key, relaxing day with no fuss.

HOWEVER, it was so nice to hear from everyone and feel appreciated and loved on my "special day".
So thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, presents, and love.
I love you all!

PS: You know what else I love? Call Me Maybe covers! (NO shame)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Regency 110

These lovely ladies are my roommates Erika, LaChelle, and BJ.
And I am feeling the love for them today so they are getting a whole Blogpost dedicated to them.

She loves her niece...
... and she loves her sports.
Erika is from Maryland, but she wants to be from the South and she does a really convincing Southern accent. Also, her dad is in the military so she lived in Germany for (I think) two years. She is so fun and so nice and she is my braid-slave. Everyday I look forward to seeing her, partially because she is funny in the mornings, but also because she always makes me smile. She's a gem and I love her.
Us as Napoleon and Deb.
This girl is CRAZY!
With her cousin Kathryn (she's pretty cool)
LaChelle lives her life to the fullest. She is constantly doing crazy, intense stuff... she is really brave. LaChelle is a fitness fanatic. She is a Nutrition and Wellness major and she works as a Zumba instructor. She is always going, just thinking about it makes me tired. We are really different and if she hadn't been my roommate I don't know that we would ever have been friends, but I am so glad we are. She is so goofy and silly and we laugh so hard at the dumbest things. She makes me do things I wouldn't normally do and I love her for that.

or as we know her
Ain't she a beaut?
Just being awesome in the Philippines.
Because she just feeds tigers like it's no big deal.
BJ is seriously one of the most interesting people I've ever met. She grew up in Korea, her parents currently live in the Philippines, but she really loves Spanish culture. I don't think I've ever seen her eat an actual meal. Instead she eats weird snacks in little bits. Like... she eats salsa (just salsa, by the spoonful), then leaves, comes back and eats brownie mix (just the mix, by the spoonful), then leaves, comes back and eats jalapeƱos.... and so it goes. She can be so calm and collected and at other times she is wild and crazy. Originally our relationship was more casual and fun, but as we spend more time together and talk more the closer we get. Hopefully that will keep being the case. She is just the coolest and she just got her mission call to Ukraine! Much more exotic than Riverside, California :)

We have two other roommates, Jessica and Krystal, and they are super cool too. I haven't known them long and I haven't spent much time with them, but hopefully we'll be closer someday. One thing I must say about these two is that they think I'm hilarious. Which is gratifying, but also makes me awkward (I don't take compliments well). They are so nice though and really seem like cool people, so I'm hoping to get to know them better.

Tattoo Tuesday complete with Martinelli's shots.
Anyway I love my roommates! They are special snowflakes and I love them like I love Disney (which is so much).

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cupids Shooty Things

This is a conversation I had with one of my Kindergarteners today.

Him: You know that baby, that wears a diaper and flies around?
Me: Cupid?
Him: Yeah! And you know how he has those... um... you know... shooty things?
Me: A bow and arrow?
Him: Yeah! And you know how if he hits you you... well you feel... I mean you...
Me: Fall in love?
Him: Yeah! ...*sigh* I wish that would happen to me.

...and it totally made my Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hooray! (for reals)

My mission call came! And I have been called to serve in the California Riverside mission! I leave June 5th and I am speaking English!!!!! I am so excited!

After I knew that my call was here I kind of started freaking out. I just started thinking about how there are so many things that are hard about a mission, and what if I went somewhere that made it even harder? Somewhere far away, somewhere new, somewhere where I don't know the language, the culture, the people..... I got scared. But after reading I was going to California (where I was born and raised)... I felt so comforted. It was like Heavenly Father was letting me know that He knows me and knows what I can handle and that I'll be able to serve my mission, even though it will be hard.

I am so excited to serve a mission and I know that Riverside is where I am meant to serve. I can't wait for June!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hooray! (not)

As anyone who actually reads this blog probably knows I've put my mission papers in!

And I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my assignment! (alliteration is always amusing)

Today was the earliest day that I could have gotten my call and at the end of my classes today I saw I had a text from my mom that said: "call today! You were right!"

My response was something like...
Uh-huh, oh yeah!
It's at my house!
I have to go RIGHT NOW! (at which point I literally ran down the hallway of the McKay Building)

             then I noticed that there was another text from my mother... the first part of a two part text which added together actually said: 
"Oh, no call today! You were right!"

So that happened. And it was horrible.

But then it was kind of funny...



And then it was really funny...


So no call. But to make this even more stressful/unreal/why is this happening to me? I ran into my Bishop and his wife and she said since it was a holiday on Monday it will come a day late a.k.a tomorrow....

So maybe I'll have more news tomorrow.

P.S. I'm slightly obsessed with GIFs (if you couldn't tell)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

What I Got For Christmas

I'm a nerd. Not the "I saw the Hunger Games movie" kind of nerd. The "I can answer random trivia questions about Harry Potter like it's an autobiography" kind of nerd. And this Christmas I got visual proof of my nerdiness:
My Star Wars candy dispenser(from Carly)

My Hobbit collectible cup(from the theater) and trading cards(from Denny's) 

The complete 8-film collection of Harry Potter(from Santa) and a chocolate frog from the Harry Potter  studio in London(from Danielle)

A Parks and Rec T-shirt(from Rochelle)

My Les Miserables ticket(from the Christmas showing), 25th Anniversary Concert on DVD, and the soundtrack from the film that I've already listened to for hours on Spotify
Basically I am feeling overwhelmingly nerdy and I love it! So I thought I'd share.
That's all.