Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cute Kids

So I spent my evening watching my cousin Kellie's kids.
Emma, Joe, Lizzie, Dan, and Savvy
It's not the hardest job since they are really good kids and they live in a neighborhood where they can run around and play with all the other kids. So I was just casually sitting in their living room with the door open, keeping an eye on everyone when Emma (who I think is 3) comes running in crying. I scoop her up and give her a big hug, and wait for her to tell me what's wrong, but she doesn't say a thing. After about three minutes of her snuggling me I finally asked what happened and she says, with a big smile, "I got sad, but your hug made me happy!" and then she runs back out to play.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Doppelgangers! (That's right, more than one)

I am currently in History 201 with these two ladies
Unfortunately, they don't bring that sugary goodness to class :(
As you could probably guess.... it's kind of boring. So we get into all sorts of shenanigans.
I like paint....

...Julayne likes lemurs, but no other primates.... ????

Brought to you by Madeline Greenhalgh
So today while in class (which we are in as I write this post) we noticed something very interesting...
...very interesting indeed

This is our history professor, Brother Davis.....
... and this is the boss from the Incredibles.
And this is the actor he is based on, Robert Stanton.

Which leads us to....


Weird right?

 But definitely more interesting than the Neolithic time period (which I'm not sure is what we are talking about... this post has captured my attention, as well as the attention of Maddie and Julayne.... oh well)

Aspen Grove

Now that I'm done working, I'm really starting to miss Aspen Grove. It was basically my entire life for the past three months. So here's a little glimpse of what my summer was like.
First day of work! These people ended up being my cleaning group, meaning we cleaned cabins together... every week... for the whole summer. Not going to miss that.
We started off the week on Saturday night with orientation and then our opening show!
Singing "The Banana Song"
Throughout the week we had lots of smiles...

...plenty of tears...

...and lots and LOTS of naps.

As well as having kids every day we had plenty of other fun activities to keep us busy...

Frontier Night...
and our weekly dance....
...as well as some not-so-fun Glen projects. Glen stands for: Grinding Labor Especially for Nicole
(Glen is actually the name of my boss.... but they were still really annoying projects)
Digging a Trench
Even though I was really ready to get out of there...

... I really did love working at Aspen Grove. I am convinced that I will never have an experience like this ever again, most especially in a working environment. I had so much fun working with these kids, I loved my co-workers, and I really grew to appreciate Aspen Grove itself....
... it really is the most beautiful place to work and live, and I was so blessed to have worked there.

Oh yeah, did I mention we had an Aspen Grove flash mob?!? And it was AWESOME!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This lovely lady here is Danielle de Barbarac

ok.... maybe her name is Danielle Self, but that's not important.
What is important is that she is going to ENGLAND!!!!!!!! Really soon! Which means I won't be seeing her for a while.... which makes me very sad.

This lady and I have way too much fun...

...so not having her around is CRAP!

BUT...... I've embraced the fact that she is going and I'm trying to get excited for her. So I've decided to make a list of 5 of the greatest things Great Britiain has to offer:

#1: Sexy British Men

...honestly I think that is enough of a reason to love England.... but I do have a few more.

#2: Pride and Prejudice came from there! Let's take a minute to watch my favorite scene:
Mmmmmm..... Mr. Darcy.....

#3: Harry Potter came from there! Let's take another minute to watch some Harry Potter goodness:

Also I feel like this needs to be shown as well:
As does this:

So I super love Harry Potter, but time to move on to.....

#4: The Music: England gave us The Beatles, Queen, The Spice Girls, Elton John, as well as some more modern musicians such as Adele, One Direction, Amy Winehouse, etc. Oh, so good.

Want to hear a joke? How do five gay guys walk? In One Direction! hehehehehehe

#5: Robert Pattinson

I'M KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! He's kind of a slime ball

Really though #5 is: The country itself! I personally think England is beautiful.

I also think that it is a place full of so much life and history, and it's one of the only places that I actually want to travel to. So basically I'm crazy jealous of Ms. Dani, BUT..... I love her tons and TONS so mostly I'm just crazy excited that she gets to go and experience all of these amazing things!

P.S. Another great thing to come from England: Downtown Abbey. I may have watched two seasons of it in two days and everyone in the world should watch it. It's amazing and I can't wait for the next season.

P.P.S. Other things: Julie Andrews, "Rubbish", Kate and William, Shakespeare, Les Miserables, The Office, James Bond, etc.

P.P.P.S. Danielle, if you don't find some sexy British man while you're there I will be sorely disappointed. I'm living vicariously through you so you'd better find one. Also, buy me something good!