Monday, January 30, 2012

I Honestly Did It!

This is my dear friend Brittany. (She's the one on the right)

Brittany has this weird obsession with blogs. Chances are if you know her and have a blog, she follows it and reads it on a weekly basis. Because she loves blogs SO much, I told her I would make one for myself. And here it is.

The reason I haven't made a successful blog in the past is because I am truly and honestly not that interesting. I like to read, and sing, and sleep, and eat. I love my friends and family. I spend most of my time working on homework, spending quality time with my loved ones, and watching way too much TV. Other than that there isn't much that is important enough to broadcast to the entire world via the internet. But recently I've decided that maybe this would be a good outlet for me to voice my thoughts and opinions, where no one can tell me what to do.... so just a little word of caution. I'm very opinionated, and since this is my blog, I will be writing my opinions. If you think you may have a problem with what I have to say, there's a little X in the top right corner of the screen.... click it now. And if you're interested.... well read on.

I pride myself on being honest and open with people, sometimes I can take it too far and be a little blunt and rude. (Or as Brittany kindly phrased it, "Honest without tact") So when people aren't honest with me, it hurts more than anything else. Recently I had a problem where some people that I trusted didn't trust me enough to be honest.... and honestly it's all I can think about. I keep thinking back over the past few weeks, thinking about why they would feel the need to lie to me, if maybe they thought I couldn't handle the truth, or maybe they were too cowardly too be honest with themselves, let alone me. But whatever their reasoning, I couldn't help but feel so betrayed and hurt and angry about what they had done. So naturally the next day in my Book of Mormon class we had a lesson on anger. We learned that only in a few circumstances is anger justified, and most of the time it is unjustified. And this was just what I needed to hear. No matter what had happened to me, I had no right to be angry, not when I was so blessed. While I may have been mistreated by a few people I thought I could trust, the Lord sent me comfort in the form of my family and friends, all of whom were so loving and patient and kind. And with this realization came an outpouring of gratitude for my Heavenly Father and all that He has given me. Despite any trials I may face, I know that I can overcome them with the aid of my Father in Heaven, because with His help I am strong.

I know this was maybe a little overbearing for a first post, but I guess what I learned from this experience was this: "If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it." Life goes on, and I am so glad, because my life is just getting started.


  1. :) awesome outlook. Beautiful writing. Wonderful you. Love you.

  2. Loved it. Especially that last little phrase "cry a rivver..." haha i hadn't heard that in a long time, made me chuckle a bit :)

  3. Your blogging journey is going to be a great one. I can tell:)