Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gangster Grapple

So tonight Rochelle and I had a little disagreement..... over who is more gangster. I know what you're thinking.... OBVIOUSLY I am and Rochelle is in denial if she thinks she is, but after discussing it for a little bit she pulls this out like it's evidence of her being a super bad gangster:

While this picture is super gangster I still think I win.... Let's compare:

Rochelle as a kid being goofy..... and me being super gangster.
Rochelle's go to picture pose..... my go to picture pose (aka gangster)

Rochelle dressing up...............  and me dressing up.
(as a sidenote, Maddie is more gangster than either of us)

Rochelle with her with my friends (granted they aren't very gangster here).

Rochelle as a as a freshman.

Rochelle and Grandpa being gangsters... Me and Grandma being gangsters 

I could go on and on.... but I feel like my point is made.


  1. Until you start saying gangsta instead of gangster you both lose:-)

    1. Jamie! You should invite me to follow your blog :)

  2. Hahaha. I LOVED this. See there are things to blog about in this world!

  3. love. and see erica up there in your pic? i feel more gansta around her. and you. even though i am most definitely not gangster.

  4. 1. all of these pictures are from over 2 years ago, so they don't count.
    2. except the gangstA picture... that was last night.