Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enjoying Life

What I've done since I last wrote on my blog:
1) Finished my freshman year!!!!! It was so great to be done with classes for the year, but it was really hard saying goodbye to everyone.
227 & 226!!!
My FHE group just doing what we do
Party Rockers!
2) I went to Disneyland! For three days! It was really fun, however I never want to go for three days again; it was way too long. But it was great spending the week with Brittany, Stephanie, Rochelle, and Becca, getting to go to the beach, and getting to see my family and friends in CA.
The storm troopers LOVED us!
We rode the rides so many times we knew where ALL the cameras were 
Tower of Terror = my absolute favorite
3) I saw the Avengers (twice) and I LOVED it! Seriously SO good!
As a family we decided I am Ironman, Rochelle's  Thor, Carly is the Hulk, Maddie is Captain America and my parents are Hawkeye and the Black Widow.... since Richie is gone he got cast as Loki :p
4) Went to Ben's farewell with Katherine, Sam, and Annie. And then afterwards we got lost, almost died, hit a bunch of dead ends, and accidentally ate moldy bread. It was an interesting day.

5) I got the T.H. Bell scholarship for another year!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I can pay for college in the fall! Hooray!

6) I moved to Aspen Grove and started my job! I'm a counselor for the Rompers, who are 0-3 years old!!! It's been a lot of fun and a lot of work, and I'm super excited about it! It should be a really fun summer!
This is my morning view
And that's about it!

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