Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Probably Don't Want to Read This

You know those days where nothing really bad happens but a bunch of little annoying things keep happening therefore making you super irritable and downright angry. That is today. And because I currently live up in the mountains with no one to talk to I am venting my frustrations to my blog. So maybe don't read this because none of it is good.

Things annoying me:
1) Money. Anytime I talk or think about money I end up frustrated. And I've been talking and thinking about it a lot.
2) My job. I love my job! A lot! But it is stressful. Having 10-20 one year olds for 6+ hours a day is tiring. And then after I finish my actual job I have other responsibilities around camp. Basically I am working from 8 in the morning till 8 at night. It's exhausting.
3) He-who-must-not-be-named. Not Voldemort, just this idiot I work with who will not be named, just in case my fellow employees stumble across this. However, currently Voldemort sounds like better company than this "person". But I only have two more months left before I never have to see You-know-who again!
4) I never get to see my friends.... I miss being with people who already know and love me instead of being constantly surrounded by new people.
5) I got this message today on Facebook
Hey Nicole, so I just have a huge favor/question to ask you. So me and 2 of my friends have contracts to live in Regency in the fall, but weren't picked at the raffle so we got accepted one by one off the waiting list and are all in separate apartments. One of my friends is one of your roommates so I wanted to see if maybe you wanted to switch spots with me so I could be with her! Right now I'm in building 3 room 301.
So my options are stay in my current apartment with girls I have already learned are nice and risk them hating me before we even meet, or moving to a new apartment with new girls that I know nothing about and having to deal with signing a new contract. Honestly, everything about housing this fall has been very unnecessarily difficult.

Basically it has not been my favorite day. But good things happened too....

Things that make the annoying things less annoying:
1) I'm in love. Well, with one of my little kids. His name is Logan and for the past four days all he's done is sleep on my lap and play with me. He is adorable and I love him.
2) I've been laying out by the pool in my short amount of time off in the afternoon and it is so nice to just lay in the sun. It's how summer should be.
3) I really do like most of the people I work with. While I would like to see my loved ones more often, I am glad to work with the people I do.
4) Today the one year olds had a dance party to the High School Musical soundtrack. Basically it was unbelievably adorable and I loved it!
5) Less than 24 hours and I can go home! And see my family and sleep in my house and see my puppy and not work!!!!! Oh I'm excited.

So, I'm ok. Even though today was not the best, I know it wasn't as hard as other days. And I know tomorrow will be better!

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  1. NICOLE!!! I'm glad you are having fun with the kids, especially Logan...he sounds adorable! I seriously wish there was something I could say that could make everything seem better, but I am not good at saying the right thing. But, I'm so glad you got to go home! Hope you have so much fun (: Also, I hope you know how much I miss seeing you and talking with you...CAN'T WAIT to see you again!