Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I cut my hair and it has tormented me for over a year, so I thought I would blog about it since I'm kind of bored...

Once upon a time my hair grew long and beautiful.....

Notice how long and lovely it looks
Then for some stupid reason I chopped off thirteen inches.... 
And ever since then I've been (slowly, but surely) growing it out...
Even Longer!!!
And this past week FOUR different people commented on how much longer it looks!!!!!!!!!
Dancing for Joy

 Basically I'm super excited because, as most people know, I did NOT like my short hair.
Long, luscious locks: I'm coming for you!


  1. NIcccccole. your hair is awesome.
    at any length madam.
    but i must agree,
    your long hair is pretty stinking delicious.

  2. ok the first picture.... were you posing for some fashion magazine? because you look sexy AND smart.