Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hooray! (for reals)

My mission call came! And I have been called to serve in the California Riverside mission! I leave June 5th and I am speaking English!!!!! I am so excited!

After I knew that my call was here I kind of started freaking out. I just started thinking about how there are so many things that are hard about a mission, and what if I went somewhere that made it even harder? Somewhere far away, somewhere new, somewhere where I don't know the language, the culture, the people..... I got scared. But after reading I was going to California (where I was born and raised)... I felt so comforted. It was like Heavenly Father was letting me know that He knows me and knows what I can handle and that I'll be able to serve my mission, even though it will be hard.

I am so excited to serve a mission and I know that Riverside is where I am meant to serve. I can't wait for June!

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  1. So exciting! You've been preparing mentally, intellectually and spiritually, now let's go SHOPPING!