Saturday, December 29, 2012

What I Got For Christmas

I'm a nerd. Not the "I saw the Hunger Games movie" kind of nerd. The "I can answer random trivia questions about Harry Potter like it's an autobiography" kind of nerd. And this Christmas I got visual proof of my nerdiness:
My Star Wars candy dispenser(from Carly)

My Hobbit collectible cup(from the theater) and trading cards(from Denny's) 

The complete 8-film collection of Harry Potter(from Santa) and a chocolate frog from the Harry Potter  studio in London(from Danielle)

A Parks and Rec T-shirt(from Rochelle)

My Les Miserables ticket(from the Christmas showing), 25th Anniversary Concert on DVD, and the soundtrack from the film that I've already listened to for hours on Spotify
Basically I am feeling overwhelmingly nerdy and I love it! So I thought I'd share.
That's all.

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