Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm a Super Nerd

Just in case you were wondering..... I am a big nerd. Yes, I realize my last post was about how I am a gangster, and even though I still believe I am more gangster than Rochelle, I am also a bigger nerd. A MUCH bigger nerd. And this weekend (because I am a nerd) I went on a trip to Idaho to see a Barbershop concert.... and here's how it went:

My dad, my uncle Brian, my Aunt Julie, my sisters Rochelle and Carly and I drove up to Rexburg on Friday night to go see a quartet called Crossroads. We are all really big fans, so when we heard they were coming to BYU Idaho we had our good family friend Dale get us tickets.
Dad, Brian, and Dale
Dale and his wife Val are professors at BYU-Idaho, but along with that, they raise horses at their home. So whenever we go up to visit we get to go horseback riding, which is always a lot fun, but also a big pain in the butt... literally.
Rochelle and Dad riding 
My new best friend Cash
Saturday night we went to the BYU-Idaho Barbershop Festival Extravaganza, and it was great! A whole bunch of quartets made up of students sang before Crossroads and they were all surprisingly talented. Barbershop-style music isn't the easiest to perform, so it's even more impressive when you sound good.

These boys were all Sophomores in high school....
and I thought they were adorable.
I grew up listening to Barbershop and going to concerts and shows and so I know quite a bit about it. But even if you know nothing about Barbershop music, I would suggest listening to Crossroads. They are extremely talented and they are one of my favorites. (And yes I realize it's super nerdy to have favorite Barbershop quartets.... but I still love them)

Here are a couple of their songs. So good!

Overall it was a really nice weekend. It was fun to be able to spend some time with my family, see my good friends, and get to hear some really great music. Even if it is a little (or a lot) nerdy :)

P.S. This is my dad, my uncles Brian and Duane, and my grandpa singing in their quartet "The Dowd Crowd"

And here is a video of me, Rochelle, our friend Brad, and my dad singing for my uncle Brian's wedding. Don't judge me too harshly........ :)

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