Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sue :)

This is my sister Maddie.

Yeah, she's ridiculously beautiful. She is also an amazing basketball player and this past weekend her team won the State Championship!
Eternity, Maddie, Mercedes, Jamie, Dani, and Marcy in the last minutes of the game!
One thing about me: I am not athletic, nor am I into sports. I think they are great.... just not really for me. I don't play and I don't watch; sports just aren't my thing. However, I am a HUGE fan of Maddie. So I go to her games and I cheer and I yell and I totally embarrass her. BUT..... it's just because I am SO proud. And not just because she is a state champ, but because of all the hard work and dedication she has put into basketball. I'm proud because she went to all the practices and open gyms, and worked for hours to improve her talent. I'm proud because she kept her grades up while spending hours everyday on the court. But most of all I'm proud because of all the ways she has grown, on and off the court. Maddie is so loving, and kind, and considerate. She is smart and beautiful and spiritual and unbelievably talented, and I look up to her in so many ways (not just because she is 6'1") After so many years of working to be the best, I am so proud that she took state. But I am more proud of the amazing person she has become.
Maddie and Eternity with the state trophy!
The Coach and the Team Captains (a.k.a. The Blondes)
Maddie and Eternity

Maddie and me
Love you Sue! I'm so, SO proud of you!

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