Friday, December 7, 2012

I Just Want a Chili Dog

Today I was grumpy.

Sometimes when Dowds are simultaneously angry and hungry we get what we like to call "Hangry".

After a long, frustrating day I was getting pretty hangry so I decided to make myself a chili dog.


While trying to open the can of chili I cut my finger... really bad.
It was bleeding a lot so Erika put a band-aid on me...
but it bled through the band-aid...
for about ten minutes.

Then Megan came home (she's very medically savvy) and she said I might need stitches.....

...but then she put on a butterfly bandage and it stopped!
image image  image

So I''m not dying... but I feel like an idiot. Particularly this idiot...

...especially since I didn't even end up having a chili dog!
Ugh, I hate finals week!

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