Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today was a long day

Bad Things that Happened:
#1) I had to wake up at 6 am. I haven't woken up that early in months and last time I did it was to go to Disneyland!
#2) I didn't go to Disneyland. I went to finals. I had three and due to lack of sleep I was not as focused as I would have liked... hopefully I did ok anyways.
#3) I had to return my Autoharp. So that's tragic.
#4) I had a minor emotional breakdown... I sat down in a meeting, was asked how I was doing, and immediately started crying... it was very embarrassing.

Things that Made the Bad Things Not so Bad:
#1) One of my finals was a project presentation and my teacher didn't collect any projects EXCEPT for mine! She loved it so much she wanted to keep it in her office. Also I got 100%!
#2) My roommates. Sure they are weirdos, but I sure love them!
#3) I came home for the night and my mom made me dinner and my dad made me dessert and I am currently cuddling with my puppy... I love being home :)
#4) I met with my bishop to start my missions papers.... hooray!

That's all.

Wait! Look at this horrible Christmas card Maddie made for us.
We Dowds are a classy people.

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